Tassk Force Sub Team - new group finished Tang Parn Kammathep (2015) Thippy - DM Thippy is a fansubber as a longtime fansubber who's still working today. Youtube - like you didn't know already. Check out Thai Channels 3, 5, 7 and GMM. Viki - Viki used to have a lot of English subbed lakorns here to watch. Unfortunately, those are all gone now. In "Topic Title" 1. Post the channel in capitals eg. [CH3] 2. Post full lakorn title 3. Include production company if known in brackets In "Tags" 1. List the leading male and female name each in full

Sign in - Google Accounts Dec 22, 2018 · Ninjakkn have plan to sub part 1. And neko have plan to sub part 2. Finally something from Mookda which I’m looking forward to. 😻 (12) Mungkorn Chao Praya มังกรเจ้าพระยา – Ek Rangsiroj & Jinn Jinnaa (13) Sarawat Yai สารวัตรใหญ่ – Es Kantapong & Preaw Tussaneeya Teaser Ngôi sao cơ bắp Weir có tin đồn với rất nhiều cô gái sau khi chia tay với Pancake Khemanit. Cuộc sống của anh ấy thay đổi một cách đột ngột, dù là về đời sống riêng tư, công việc hay những cô gái đến bên anh.