Unit 1 - CREATION - GOD’S FINGERPRINTS (To make this Bible Story interactive, go to the Arts and Crafts Learning Activity for today. The entire creation story is read while the students make a mural of the world. A list of supplies is included.) “I would like for all of you to close your eyes. Now take your hand and cover your eyes. Here's is a collection of our PDF worksheets and execution plans that are available to download for free. Download, print & watch your manifestations become more powerful. 1. Manifesting Money: An Execution Plan (+FREE Printable PDF) This execution plan is perfect for anyone who wants to manifest their ideal financial situation.

SONG CREATION WORKSHEET INSTRUCTIONS 1. Create a brief summary of your lyric idea on the worksheet and add some detail around the that might suggest a scene or point-of-view 2. Grab your thesaurus and look up a word in the back alphabetical portion that describes your idea. This example uses Roget’s International, a non-dictionary style. a.