Dec 18, 2019 · After you have the original boot.img (extracted from the official fastboot ROM zip), you need to copy it to your phone’s external memory (SD card). Now open the Magisk Manager app, and it will ask if you want to install Magisk – accept the installation, then “Patch Boot Image File” and choose the boot.img file you transferred over. I have Viya 3.4 installed on a Linux server. I'm trying to install add on modules, like Intelligent Decisioning. I have the deployment data zip and

Jan 27, 2014 · Creating in memory zip file with Python 27/01/2014 marcelocra Programming , Python , Tutorial Tags: create , in-memory , python , stringio , zip , zipfile While building part of a server tool to edit images I needed to create a zip file, save all images to this file and then send this file to the user. Magisk is one of the most popular Android software that lets you gain systemless root on your smartphone. Users simply need to flash Magisk .zip through custom recovery to make the device most of it including installation of root-only-apps, themes, Mods, flash custom ROM’s based on the latest firmware, extreme customization, and more.